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May Events - Herdsman Lake

May Events - Herdsman Lake
Photo from https://thewest.com.au/opinion/why-we-must-save-the-herdsman-lake-wildlife-centre-ng-b88714792z

The first two events are a bit different to the usual meetup, which is still happening on the last Sunday of the month.

Beginner nature journaling workshop - Sat 20 May

As mentioned in a previous post, I will teach a beginner's workshop hosted by the WA Gould League and WA Naturalists Club at the Herdsman Lake Discovery Centre.

Everyone's fantastic nature journaling pages from the beginner workshop!

WA Gould League Birdwalk - Sun 21 May

Combine your nature journaling with a birdwalk and join me at the Monthly Morning Birdwalk at Herdsman Lake with the WA Gould League (presented by experts from Birdlife Australia). I will happily guide fellow nature journalers attending, but please note I am not involved with the running of the event. Bring binoculars!

Images coming soon

May Meetup - Sun 28 May

Although the Discovery Centre is closed on Sundays we can still enjoy the birdlife and beautiful surroundings of Herdsman Lake for some casual nature journaling together.

May Meetup sketchbook pages for Perth NJ Club