Hi, I'm Kim.

I'm an Australian artist, scientist, educator and aspiring naturalist.

I hope that my adventures and nature journaling can inspire everyone to go outdoors, explore and learn more about the world around them. There is so much to benefit from being in the natural environment and my hope is that by connecting more with nature we will make a difference towards preserving our planet and life on it in addition to our own wellbeing.

Join me as I use curiosity, a sketchbook and watercolours to discover what there is to see out there!

About me

Interested in finding out how I started nature journaling? Read about my journey here or watch the YouTube episode with Marley Peifer where we chat about nature journaling in Australia:

My journey
Have you always created art?I remember drawing lots as a kid. I had rainbow colouring books from the 90s but would also sketch on loose sheets of paper. My grandad would draw planes for us, as it was part of his hobby of making planes and flying them and

Are you interested in learning about the tools I use for nature journaling or painting?

My tools
Here’s a list of the tools I use for drawing and journaling. I have different equipment depending on if I’m going outdoors or working at home. Nature journaling equipment Bag Outdoor gear Drawing and painting tools Bag I haven’t yet found a bag that meets my needs for nature journaling.

See examples of my illustrations and nature journal pages here:

My nature journal pages
A selection of my nature journal pages.
Exemplars of my illustrative work.


Watch my nature journaling adventures and art-related videos on YouTube:

Channel trailer

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You can see my nature journaling, art (and occasional crochet) adventures on Instagram @kims.art.adventures