State and territory emblem series

Numbat (WA)

Numbat (WA)

My first glimpse of a numbat was a grey blur in my peripheral vision. It was the bushy tail of a female scampering away up the path of the Arboretum in Dryandra.
5 min read
Red-and-Green Kangaroo Paw (WA)

Red-and-Green Kangaroo Paw (WA)

Towards the end of August, the kangaroo paws start flowering and it's a delight to spot them so close to home. This is probably the easiest emblem for me to find and nature journal!
4 min read
Two waratahs in the NSW bush about head height.

Waratah (NSW)

By September, when we knew the waratah should start flowering, the weather forecast was perfect to go for a bushwalk. We were headed to the Central Coast region of NSW, just north of Sydney.
7 min read
State and Territory Emblem Series

State and Territory Emblem Series

In this series I plan to go out and find the state and territory emblems of Australia and spend some time nature journaling them.
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