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Plein Airpril

This April I will be attempting the #PleinAirpril challenge for the first time.
Plein Airpril

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Plein Airpril 2022 Ebook

See all of my 2022 Plein Airpril postcard paintings together in this ebook, accompanied with notes about each one, as well as information about the materials used.


Just like Inktober is a daily drawing challenge for every day in October, PleinAirpril requires a daily plein air painting during April. I plan on participating and will outline what it is and my goals for this challenge below.

Inktober 2021
October is here, and the annual drawing with ink challenge is back. Will I succeed this year in completing all 31 drawings in 31 days? Follow my progress below! Or jump to the materials I’m using. What is Inktober?In 2009 Jake Parker created what is now a global drawing
My 2021 Inktober challenge

Plein air painting comes from the French en plein air meaning to paint in the open i.e. outdoors. Leaving the studio and using the natural world for reference can be difficult due to the changing conditions in light and movement. However it is these precise qualities most plein air painters hope to capture on the page and the best method for improvement is by practicing!

In 2017 the Warrior Painters group initiated the #pleinairpril challenge both to celebrate Earth Day and bring together plein air enthusiasts. This year will be my first time joining in.

My goal for this challenge is to go outside every day and do a small, postcard-sized (maybe smaller) painting of the landscape (or sky) using either watercolour or gouache. Gouache is a new medium for me so we'll see if I attempt it or decide to stick to watercolours! By landscape I also include waterscapes.

Painting landscapes is in line with the themes provided by the Warrior Painters group for this year's challenge (open to interpretation):

  • Water - in any form
  • Fire - flame, light, anything related to warmth & heat
  • Earth - rock, mountain, plant, etc.
  • Air - cloud, sky, fog, mist, wind, etc.

In order to participate for prizes from the Warrior Painters challenge there are more guidelines, however I will probably just stick to adding the #pleinairpril hashtag to any Instagram posts (so follow me there for progress photos).

Are you joining in? Read more about how challenges can help you grow artistically here:

Challenges need to be finely balanced. Too much and we risk giving up or being hurt by the experience, too little and the challenge doesn’t reap the full extent of rewards. I love challenges, such as Inktober. I find they motivate me to try new things, kickstart a new habit