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Kim standing on top of a mountain in NSW, Australia

Hi everyone, I'm Kim! Welcome to my website.

Here you will find articles on nature journaling in Australia. These articles are linked with my YouTube channel so you can read and watch the adventures! My aim is to take you with me to explore the bush and together we can learn more about the Australian natural environment, while encouraging everyone to go outside and spend quality time with nature. The articles contain more in-depth content with a scientific and educational focus (but still fun!) than the videos, that are more about the adventure.

As a watercolour artist I'd love to share both the nature journal pages and my illustrations. Let's also discuss art supplies and techniques used for nature journaling and illustrating.

I hope you enjoy the content and if you like what you see please subscribe and leave a comment or a suggestion for any topics you'd like me to tackle next. Have you got any questions? Please contact me, I'd love to hear from you and might write an article or make a video based on your feedback.

So grab your journal and favourite drawing supplies and join me for some Aussie nature journaling adventures! :)