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August 2022 + watercolour workshop

August 2022 + watercolour workshop

It was a rainy day and unsurprisingly kept people away, so there was no watercolour workshop this time.

Wandering around to the waterfall revealed a friendly adult nankeen night heron that could almost have been frozen in the water except for the moment it caught a tiny, shining fish. Across the water, a black swan preened itself atop a large nest made of reeds, close to the footpath and road but hidden behind a tree. Was it sitting on eggs? In the distance, some diving ducks with white eyes were identified as hardheads.

Nankeen night heron

Despite some drops of rain and gusts of wind, the trees provided enough shelter at the edge to make it possible for sketching, with one or two smudges here and there.

Bird calls from dusky moorhens, Eurasian coots, grebes and cormorants revealed each individual's life at that moment, snapshots of serenity amongst the freeway and skyscrapers. No sounds or signs of tortoises underneath the dark and reflective rippled water this time.

Date: Saturday 27th August, 2022

Time: 2:00 - 4:00 PM *Note the different time to usual

Location: John Oldham Park