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December 2021

December 2021
Photo by Ethan Robertson / Unsplash

Since the last Saturday of December is the 25th i.e. Christmas Day 🎄 and I am still not living in Perth (just south of Mandurah) there won't be a Perth Nature Journal Club Meet-up in December. Keep an eye out for the next meet-up on January 29th, 2022!

Meanwhile, if you are looking for ideas to nature journal this month you can try one (or more) of the following prompts from my Inktober challenge. Perhaps we can share our favourite nature journal page from the month, either send me a photo or tag me on Instagram before Dec 31st if you want me to include your page here.

31 Nature Journaling Prompts

From Inktober - feel free to ask questions if you're not sure about anything!

  • Gnarled old tree
  • Landscapitos (mini landscape thumbnails)
  • Birds
  • Flower
  • Invertebrate
  • Soundscape
  • Zoom in/zoom out
  • Bones
  • Reptile
  • Night
  • Seeds
  • Tracks
  • Comic/event
  • Cross-section or dissection
  • Compass landscape (draw views from north, east, south and west)
  • Textures
  • Comparison
  • List
  • Map
  • Skyscapitos (mini sky landscapes)
  • Mammals
  • Nature walk
  • Sit spot
  • Abiotic (non-living) nature
  • Change/time
  • Poem
  • Patterns
  • Flock
  • Underwater (or underground)
  • Pet
  • Fridge